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In our prac­ti­ce we take a holistic view of the func­tio­n­al medi­ci­ne of the mus­cu­los­keletal sys­tem. This inclu­des the exten­si­ve con­si­de­ra­ti­on of your histo­ry, from which the dia­gno­sis can only be made. By loo­king at you indi­vi­du­al­ly, we can show you tar­ge­ted the­ra­py opti­ons that only pro­mi­se suc­cess if they are tailo­red to you – as a per­son with his or her indi­vi­du­al phy­si­cal cir­cum­s­tan­ces. This inclu­des prompt and con­ti­nuous sup­port, which pro­mi­ses help in every situa­ti­on and which shapes and pro­mo­tes per­so­nal respon­si­bi­li­ty in the long term.


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The­re are many ways in medi­ci­ne to take tre­at­ment. The sym­ptom-ori­en­ted, Wes­tern exclu­si­on medi­ci­ne no lon­ger does jus­ti­ce to peop­le today and does not always cau­se the desi­red goal of healing.

Tog­e­ther we can dis­cuss opti­ons from exer­cise, nut­ri­ti­on and your atti­tu­de that are tailo­red to you and your life situa­ti­on. We have an exten­si­ve net­work to sup­port you with the best stan­dards. In this way, a con­struc­ti­ve, sus­tainab­le and sta­bi­li­zing tre­at­ment can be crea­ted in which you are signi­fi­cant­ly invol­ved. Tog­e­ther we go ahead to sol­ve your problem.

We show you a variety of options on your way to healing.



Key­ho­le sur­ge­ry on joints:
Knee, shoul­der & ankle joint

Out­pa­ti­ent, in excep­tio­nal cases also inpatient


Sur­face joint repla­ce­ment
(knee-TEP, hip-TEP)

Revi­si­on sur­ge­ry on knee & hip



Mus­cle inju­ries are one of our prac­ti­ce spe­cial­ties. We can crea­te an indi­vi­dua­li­zed and effec­ti­ve tre­at­ment plan after an initi­al appointment.

Performance Enhancement

An indi­vi­du­al approach for each per­son. Incre­a­se your per­for­mance level. Com­pre­hen­si­ve. Healt­hy. Needs-based.


  • Ultra­sound (on site)
  • X‑ray (on site)
  • MRI (for pri­va­te pati­ents and self-payers:Dia­gno­se Cen­trum at Emser Platz 1;  for sta­te insu­red pati­ents: by appoint­ment in the sports medi­ci­ne network)
  • Bone den­si­ty mea­su­re­ment and 4d mea­su­re­ment: Shi­va Medi­ca­re at Ku’­damm:Shi­va Medicare


  • Shock­wa­ve therapy
  • Hyaluro­nic Acid Therapy
  • PRP (Plate­let-Rich Plas­ma) Therapy
  • Injec­tion the­ra­py with her­bal and mine­ral com­plex preparations
  • Kine­sio taping
  • Dry need­ling / acupuncture

We treat our patients at the level at which we want to be treated ourselves.

Our Doctors

Dr. med. Pouria Taheri

Dr. med.
Pouria Taheri, MaHM

„It’s all about you.“


Spe­cia­list in Ortho­pe­dics & Trau­ma sur­ge­ry
Sports ortho­pe­dist SPORTS BASE BERLIN

Arzt Dr. med. Martin Bartsch

Dr. med.
Martin Bartsch

„Movement is the only
medicine for body and mind.“

Spe­cia­list for Ortho­pe­dics & Trau­ma Sur­ge­ry, Sports Medicine

Dr. med.
Petra Krause

„Only you alone can heal.
I help you with that.“

Spe­cia­list for Ortho­pe­dics & Trau­ma Sur­ge­ry, Sports Medicine

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