Like our approach, our field of acti­vi­ty is ver­sa­ti­le and inte­res­ted in con­stant opti­miz­a­ti­on. This is the only way we can gua­ran­tee our pati­ents holistic, con­tem­pora­ry and, abo­ve all, the best pos­si­ble care. That is why you will find vide­os, pod­casts or blog ent­ries here that pro­vi­de inte­res­ting insights, docu­ment our work and inform you about innovations.

PODCAST WITH Pouria Taheri


Our prac­ti­ce phi­lo­so­phy is not to tre­at only indi­vi­du­al joints or mus­cles, but to see and pre­sent the inter­re­la­ted fin­dings. Becau­se the human body is not based on sin­gle, iso­la­ted move­ments. In this arti­cle we exp­lain to you which dif­fe­rent mus­cle chains the­re are and how they are lin­ked to each other.
Our new team of doc­tors intro­du­ces its­elf. Mar­tin Bartsch, MD, and Pou­ria Tahe­ri, MD, talk about their tre­at­ment con­cept and their visi­on of working tog­e­ther in the prac­ti­ce. Our doc­tors – com­pe­tent & sympathetic!

HOLISTIC MONDAY at runbase berlin

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