ORTHOPedics & Trauma Surgery

conservative Orthopedics

We look after the ent­i­re spec­trum of ortho­pe­dic cli­ni­cal pic­tures based on deca­des of expe­ri­ence and cur­rent, gui­de­li­ne-ori­en­ted the­ra­py approa­ches. In the first place, we are doc­tors who use all pos­si­bi­li­ties to choo­se sur­gi­cal the­ra­py as the last pos­si­ble opti­on. Here, instru­men­tal dia­gnostics sup­ports clas­sic opti­ons such as phy­sio­the­ra­py and pain medi­ca­ti­on to find a way tailo­red to your needs.


  • ACP the­ra­py
  • Acu­p­unc­tu­re
  • Infil­tra­ti­on
  • Hyaluro­nic the­ra­py of the joints
  • Kine­sio Taping
  • Manu­al the­ra­py
  • MRI (at a local part­ner)
  • X‑ray (on site)
  • Shock­wa­ve the­ra­py
  • Ultra­sound (on site)

Operative Orthopedics

If a con­ser­va­ti­ve approach is not enough, we can help with out­pa­ti­ent ope­ra­ti­ons at Ambu­lan­ten OP Zen­trum Ber­lin and inpa­ti­ent sur­ge­ries at St.-Gertrauden-Krankenhausor at the MEOCLINIC Ber­lin. 


  • Out­pa­ti­ent sur­ge­ry
  • Arthro­scopy (knee & shoul­der)
  • Endo­prost­he­tics (knee & hip TEP)
  • Inpa­ti­ent inter­ven­ti­ons
  • Soft tis­sue sur­ge­ry


From acu­p­unc­tu­re, con­ser­va­ti­ve manu­al the­ra­py to sur­gi­cal care, we show you a varie­ty of opti­ons on your way to healing.


Trea­ting acu­te acci­dents quick­ly and accu­rate­ly has beco­me a part of our dai­ly busi­ness. We help you here with fast ima­ging and necessa­ry steps.

Long-term, post-ope­ra­ti­ve care for trau­ma sur­ge­ry cases has been part of our dai­ly work for deca­des. The cru­cial part of our work is to take time for the fol­low-up so that the pati­ent beco­mes awa­re of their own respon­si­bi­li­ty and takes the necessa­ry steps to ful­ly reco­ver. Of cour­se we sup­port you with all our strength.


  • Ima­ging dia­gnostics (X‑ray, ultra­sound)
  • First aid after acci­dents
  • Indi­vi­du­al advice (e.g. app­li­ca­ti­on for fol­low-up tre­at­ment, etc.)