OUR Ser­vices

Sports Medi­ci­ne

Many years of exper­ti­se com­bi­ned with pas­sio­na­te and prac­ti­cal assi­s­tan­ce pro­vi­des you sup­port for all ques­ti­ons regar­ding sports acci­dents and sports medi­ci­ne.

Ortho­pe­dics & TRAUMA SUR­GE­RY

Our holistic ortho­pe­dic edu­ca­ti­on at the hig­hest level results in the most authen­tic range of cur­rent tre­at­ment opti­ons for you — honest­ly and indi­vi­dual­ly.


Out of con­vic­tion, we help and sup­port you in buil­ding up nut­ri­tio­nal habits that impro­ve your daily rou­ti­ne and your well-being.


How do you get from sick to healt­hy and from healt­hy to fit?

Your life­style shapes your ever­y­day life and your life expec­tan­cy. We show you how to impro­ve your qua­li­ty of life.


We look after ath­le­tes of all kinds of sports.

INDI­VI­DU­AL, CON­TEM­PORA­RY & TARGET-ORI­EN­TED to encou­ra­ge your initia­ti­ve

 From acu­p­unc­tu­re, con­ser­va­ti­ve manual the­ra­py to sur­gi­cal care, we show you a varie­ty of opti­ons on your way to healing.

Our Doc­tors

Dr. med.
Daniel Hoff­mann

“Salus aegro­ti supre­ma lex.”

(The wel­fa­re of the pati­ent is the hig­hest law.)

Spe­cia­list in Ortho­pa­e­dics

& Trauma sur­ge­ry

Dr. med.
Pouria Taheri, MaHM

“It’s all about you.”

Spe­cia­list in Ortho­pe­dics & Trauma sur­ge­ry

Sports ortho­pe­dist Run­ba­se Berlin